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First Steps In YouTube Influencer Marketing

Although it’s clear that YouTube is one of the most visited social media networks on the Internet, it’s hard to imagine just how popular it is. It’s become more clear thanks to TechCrunch, which placed YouTube in the honorable 2nd spot after Facebook with 15 billion active monthly users this year.

These incredible numbers demonstrate the truly high potential of YouTube influencer marketing.

youtube-influencer-marketing.jpgSource: TechCrunch

Furthermore, it’s not just that the coverage of YouTube videos is enormous, what’s even more important – the audience is very active and engaged. HuffPost observes that YouTube has millions of passionate viewers hungry for new content. It also points out that YouTube influencers do a great job in establishing a channel for brands’ sponsored videos.

As the 2017 State of the Creator Economy study demonstrated, out of the total number of active and passive users registered on YouTube, 98% visit the site at least once a year.


So, it’s evident that for the brands who are eager to reach their audience the first step needed to launch a YouTube influencer Marketing campaign is to find YouTube influencers.

The Main Criteria For Finding Your Influencers

  • First and foremost, the influencer needs to share your brand’s values. Just as any other marketing activity, YouTube promotion should be aligned with your brand’s fundamental principles.
  • The influencer must have a clear understanding of how your product can be used in daily life. This is the core of the scripts that will be developed for the YouTube video marketing campaign.
  • You should find YouTube influencers of the “right size” for implementing your objectives. These could be either sales and loyalty growth or an increase in brand awareness. For the objectives of the first type, the brands should seek micro-influencers, whereas the second one requires top YouTube influencers.

Who Can Join The YouTube Influencer Marketing Game?

Although beauty brands were the pioneers who established the strong sponsor video market on YouTube, they are not the only ones who can benefit from YouTube video marketing.

Hence, if your industry is not as developed and doesn’t have as much of a presence on YouTube as others, it’s not necessarily a disadvantage. Vice versa, it could be an opportunity to start working with micro-influencers and let them unlock their creativity to your advantage!

Is It better To Hire A Celebrity Instead Of An Influencer?

Top YouTube influencers can be compared to celebrities in a certain way, owing to an extensive coverage of the audience. However, you should know the difference between these two in order to choose the right one for launching a YouTube promotion for your brand.

Celebrities usually practice “open” advertisement via product placement and they are good at what they are doing, while influencers strive to create valuable and useful content. YouTube influencers usually create thematic videos, which are considered to be deeper and more efficient content.

YouTube marketing approaches taken by influencers and celebrities are different and therefore suitable for different goals.

How Much Does It Cost To Launch A YouTube Influencer Campaign?

In order to calculate the cost of the campaign, it’s important to determine how many videos it will include.
Average prices for sponsor videos are as follows:

  • Humor & entertainment — $300
  • Lifestyle, health, beauty, fashion — $500
  • Parenting — $600
  • Finance — $1,000
  • Business — $1,000

YouTube influencer marketing might look costly at first sight, but do keep in mind that great content from a trusted influencer can serve you 1000 times better than word-of-mouth.

YouTube marketing for your brand starts with just one action. Go ahead and find YouTube influencers who will correspond to your marketing objectives. Afterwards you can analyze the results and revise the campaigns or even change the influencers, but you need to start.

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